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“The trip to Bermuda was one of the most life-changing things I have experienced this year. I always heard things about how beautiful Bermuda is but I never knew what they meant until I was standing on a ledge looking out over the light blue, almost clear water washing up against the rocks. I have always been interested in water and the animals that inhabited it but I couldn’t seem to find many opportunities to study these things until I heard about this class. Not only did I get to learn about so many fish and incredible animals with this class, but I also had one of the most amazing opportunities to go to this beautiful place and swim with these creatures. My favorite part of this trip was by far the snorkeling, I don’t think anyone who was there could’ve chosen something they enjoyed more. Every site we went to had something different and unique about it and this made every snorkel more memorable than the last. We also did a lot of collecting data for the REEF organization. This made data collecting feel even more remarkable because I felt like we were actually helping out. All these things are the reason why I’m looking forward to going to Honduras where I’ll be able to explore new areas that I have never gotten the chance to see. I’m also looking forward to meeting the people and learning about their culture as well as the ecosystem and creatures they have there."

Jett A. / Burlington HS / 2019